We provide SAP-Centric Technology solutions and integration

Our Services

We specialize in SAP ABAP customization. Plain and simple.


Our mission is simple: To provide high-value, high ROI consulting services by bringing leading edge, enabling technology and ideas to our clients.


Because of the availability of quality programmers from many areas of the globe, we have networked these superior developers together to form a global pool of consulting resources. Although we have specialities due to a larger group of developers in certain areas of SAP, we can offer onsite contract developers as well as remote consulting from many locations around the world in all kinds of specialties.


We have been doing what we do since 1998 and can draw upon a wealth of experience, bringing critical thinking to rapid application development. Let us be your anchor in the world of ABAP.

About Us

The most important thing to us is building code that is sustainable and powerful.

Coral was founded in 1998 by Dave Playfair, an SAP & Internet Consultant. Dave has consulted to large and small organizations throughout Canada successfully coupling technology with business practice in a myriad of areas. "Value Innovation" is the premise on which our company was founded and we have proven this concept time after time. For example, as a company Coral Technology Services Inc. is owned and operated by a number of business/IT analysts working full-time on projects in Canada or the US; however, Coral provides services utilizing independent contractors around the world. With the immense value global resources can provide, Coral can operate without large overhead costs but at the same time provide some of the best analyst/programmers available in the marketplace today. These independent contractors or small companies share one attribute -- a desire to provide exceptional return on investment for their services.

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We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Our Location

Earth. Our corporation is located in Alberta, Canada -- but in our industry, location is irrelevant. We use developers from around the world and provide quality consulting services, guaranteed.